Ottawa Citizen – September 2010

It’s as if it were always there

Guy Freedman and Diana Fusco purchased their 1950’s bungalow because they loved the location. With the Rideau Canal in their backyard, and Vincent Massey Park and Mooney’s Bay nearby, it is a nature-infused oasis right in the heart of Ottawa. It was important that the new kitchen suit the home’s distinctive architecture, including a striking main level fireplace. Other needs included making less like a kitchen, and more like stylish furniture. Guy and Diana also wanted the kitchen design to incorporate an island, and a fireplace for added warmth. Challenges included space restrictions, one main wall to work with for cabinetry and appliances, and ensure adequate storage space in the kitchen without compromising the airy feel of the space. Together with Kitchen by Design (formerly 2GO Kitchens), the Fuscos were able to bring their 1950s kitchen into the 20th century.
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